What to look for when hiring a senior photographer in a saturated senior photography market

September 10, 2021

Greetings all. As many of you know here at Ambient I put high value in honing in on my craft. The past 5 years I have spent countless hours and monetary contributions into furthering my photography education. Not only to improve my skills, but, to keep up with the ever so FASTLY changing market and demand in SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY.


I can be quite an introvert in uneasy situations. My best friend pushed me the hardest with getting out and networking within our industry. At that time I really did not understand the importance of his words. Unease as all heck I vowed to myself that I would start a conversation with another photographer at a conference that my BFF and I had attended. The conference was very overwhelming to say the least. I felt as though I was back in collage at the first day of classes. Needless to say I did not have to break the ice, someone came up to me and asked me a question. We engaged in a valued, intellectual conversation. Just like that my goal had been met. I have my first networking support system. I am still friends to this day with her.

Through the years I have made some great friends and colleagues. This passed week I attended this same conference that I did when I met my new colleague friend. I had the opportunity to meet and take a "Newbie" into our community. She shared with me that she held many of the same feelings that I had my very first year. I was glad that we were able to chat and to take her under my wing for a bit. I encouraged her to do the same to another new member of the photography conference next year as she will be a well seasoned conference veteran LOL 

 While at the conference I reminisced on to where my photography lighting skills were 5 years ago... I decided to take an educational opportunity from a very respected educator, and photographer. This class was based on creating images with existing or natural light. I always enjoy seeing growth in a person. So, today  I decided to look at my own personal growth. The image BELOW I captured about 5 years ago utilizing the suns full natural light. At the time of capturing this image I was very pleased with the posing and composition. I had a beautiful subject, she was pretty well lit. I never noticed the sun blotches on her nose and forehead. Her left arm was completely over exposed. Her hair does not lay natural. I could go on and on with the faults in my work that I NOW see. 

When you look at the images below. You can recognize that there is definitely something different with these images verse the above image. Same Photographer, Same type of lighting, natural/existing light.

Fast forward 5 years of countless hours of education, persistence and innovation... here are some of my recent images utilizing the same form of light... Natural/existing light. 

My take away for you from this BLOG is when you are choosing your photographer for your once in a lifetime SENIOR photos. Just don't look at the PRICE POINT. Study their work, study their style. Do you see progression over the years in their skills? Does the photographer have award winning images in the photography industry? Don't be afraid to interview them. After all you are their new employer for your senior's session.

By educating yourself prior to committing to your chosen senior photographer you will have an ease about how your photos will be captured.

My Love to all,


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