Welcome to my frequently asked questions page.


What is your style of Photography?

My style is that of creating your heirlooms while utilizing the earth's element as my backdrop as I create Traditional, Candid and Photojournalistic artistry. 


Where are you located?

I am located along the majestic shore of Lake Michigan in Kewaunee, Wisconsin.


I am interested in booking a session date...

To find out Ambient Photography's availability, to book your session, while having your priceless memories captured... You can call 920.255.2813, Send an email to [email protected] or Private Message Ambient Photography on Facebook or Instagram.


What is your pricing?

Come on in for a consultation and we will discuss your wants and needs.


How do I preview my photos?

For all sessions, You will come to the studio to preview your images. We will go through your images together. I will be your trusted advisor and assist you with choosing just the right image(s) for your wall art or album.


Is there a booking fee?

Yes, This is a nonrefundable booking fee is required at the time of booking. This fee secures your date and time with Ambient Photography. The fee is to be paid at the time of booking your session. If the booking fee is not received within this time frame... your verbal session agreement may be given up to another client wanting your session date and time.


What if there is inclement weather and we need to reschedule? Do I loose my booking fee?

No... If the weather is poor at your scheduled booking time and date. We will reschedule your session within the same calendar year upon Ambient Photography's availability.

If you cancel your session without a reschedule date within the same booking year you will forfeit your booking fee.

You are allowed to reschedule one time for personal reasons without loosing your booking fee. The Second time that you reschedule you will be required pay an additional booking fee.


Is the booking fee refundable?

No, Sorry the booking fee is nonrefundable as another client could have utilized your session date and time.


What form of payment do you accept for the booking fee?

I except: Credit Card (4% convenience fee is added to each transaction) Cash or Venmo.


When do I pay for my session?

Your session is required to be paid in full at the start of your session on your session date. Sorry....there is no exceptions to this rule.

 Ambient will also work with you on a payment plan if needed. Just touch base with Jackie to set up a plan PRIOR to your session. 

(You will not receive your photos until your balance is paid in full)

Can I bring along props?



What happens after my photo session?

Around 2 weeks after your session you will meet for your gallery reveal. At this meeting you will preview and order your photos. Please plan about 2 hours for this meeting.


Can I receive the RAW files from my session?

The RAW, unedited files are NOT available for purchase or preview. There are no exceptions!


Can I order prints or a canvas A la carte?

Absolutely! I utilize a wonderful professional printing lab for all my printing orders. For price list please feel free to sit down and chat with me.


Family Session:


Can we provide a photo list? 

Please do.... This will allow us to make sure that we do not miss a priceless memory combination for you.


Can my siblings have their family photos captured as well? Will this include individual photos of their children and of them as a couple?Yes, during a family session there will be one pose captured of each family if they desire such. 

What do we wear?

As unique as you and your family are... Your clothing and color palette should be as well. Something to keep in mind when choosing your clothing choice... Where are you going to be displaying your beautiful family photos? Look at your family's skin tones. Are they all similar in tone? Or do you have some tones lighter or darker? Try to stay away from great contrast of light and dark colored clothing that will be blended in your photos. Don't forget to remember your shoes. Yes, I do photograph your feet too. LOL


Can we bring props along for this session as well?

Please do.


Do you pick a location for our session or do we?

I truly believe the location brings warmth to your family's photos. I feel that a meaningful location to you and your family shows such emotion to your session and lasting memories. 

Though... I do have many locations locally that are gorgeous to utilize if you would like for me to choose one for you.


How long will our session take to be captured?

All depending on the size, and cooperation of your family.  On average... I like to express up to a hour in time for your session. 


Children and Newborn Session:


What if my child is not cooperating at the time of their session...Can I reschedule?

Yes, you can. There will be an additional booking fee required though. 

I have had great success with capturing ones little one even when they are not having such a good day.  Being a Mother and being in Occupational Therapy for 20 years I have a few tricks up my sleeve. We may just have to switch to nontraditional photography that day.

Please bring along snacks, feedings, extra outfit change, wipes for runny little noses, any noise makers or toy that your precious little one likes. 


Senior Session:

What are your collections?

All my collections can be found at my home page under Senior Collections.


Do I have to choose a collection right away when I am booking?

Yes, This allows me to schedule ample amount of time for your awesome Senior session. All the collections and time frames are in the description under the senior collection page.

Is it OK to provide you with some posing ideas that I like?

Yes, That would be great!!!! This generates ideas of locations for you. Many of my clients will provide poses off of their pinterest folders.

Can you take blemishes off of the face?

Yes, this is included on the photos you choose for printing. Along with simple color correct and simple editing tasks. Removal of braces is an option if needed. There is an extra charge for removal of braces.


Can you do a composite photo?

Yes, There is an extra charge to this service. This will need to be brought to Ambient Photography's attention prior to your session for this to be completed.


Do you provide destination locations or travel for a session?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I am always looking to have new and exciting locations. If you are looking for a destination session we will sit down to discuss the details.  Looking for local travel....Just make sure that you have the permission of the landowner for your location of choice. Depending on your choice of location... There may be a travel charge warranted for such services.


How far in advance should I book my Senior session?

As soon as you have a date in mind! I do my very best to accommodate your date requested.  Though I do fill up very fast during that time of the year. If you are looking to have fall photos captured... I HIGHLY recommend booking sooner then later. I have clients that book out a year in advance to get their time and date that they are wanting.


Does a parent need to be present with their Senior the day of the session?

Yes, there is no exception. One Parent must be present. Thank you!


How Long will my Senior Session be?

The time frame all depends on the collection that you choose. The allotted time frame is in conjunction with the collection of your choice. An Average session is 2 1/2 hours in length.


When do I need to choose my photos to order from Ambient Photography from my Senior session?

During your initial consultation we will set up your reveal and ordering appointment. At this appointment you will be ordering any desired photos or products that you are wanting.


Am I able to get digital files from my session?

Yes, Ambient photography is a full service photo studio that prides itself on the quality of its work, as well as providing you with a wonderful experience from the initial booking of your session to the ordering of your prints. As an extension to your chosen collection... Digital files can be purchased in a la carte fashion once you have chosen the Exquisite, Posh or Fancy Collection. All you have to do is come, have fun during your session, and let us do all the work of ordering your photos and wall art to display in your loving home.


Hope these questions were helpful. If you still have further questions... please feel free to contact Ambient Photography at 920.255.2813.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Note: The above stated information is subject to change.